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Wally aims to upgrade the interview backdrops for worldwide sports and events.

Interview backdrops are an attractive media that is usually broadcast live on television, sports programs, entertainment shows and websites – together creating enormous exposure.

Wally has decided to take the challenge and create the first and only interview backdrop in the world (registered patent) to combine a row of screens at the subject’s height, thus enabling sponsors to communicate with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages.



Technology – Wally’s interview backdrops are supported by advanced technologies

Remote control system enabling users to upload/switch clips on the backdrop within minutes and at any time with no need to physically be by the backdrops.
Video wall – Fully synchronized display of the commercial message on all screens.
Measurement system
A system that determines the sites on which the interviews appeared and provides interview viewership data on each site – Coming soon
A system that identifies the subject’s face and sends push notifications to all of his followers, announcing the beginning of the interview – Coming soon

For further information:
Nadav Sofer, CEO 

Yves Sibony, VP Marketing 

MCI Sport 
+ 417-672-82-731