• Wally aims to upgrade the interview backdrops for worldwide sports and events.

    Interview backdrops are an attractive media that is usually broadcast live on television, sports programs, entertainment shows and websites – together creating enormous exposure.

    Wally has decided to take the challenge and create the first and only interview backdrop in the world (registered patent) to combine a row of screens at the subject’s height, thus enabling sponsors to communicate with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages.


    Nadav is an acclaimed Major in the Israeli Defense Force (reserve forces). He is in charge of producing and coordinating state official ceremonies conduct at the Hertzl Mountain (Har Hertzl) in Jerusalem. Nadav has vast experience as a CEO of the Tomoko SPA chain. He has led the company to financial growth in a short period and then maintained stability as to cashflow, client satisfaction, employees' loyalty and more. He helped the owner to build an off-shore branch of Tomoko SPA in LA.


    Yves is a seasoned marketing professional with vast experience in marketing, business development and advertising. He has led long and successful campaigns, responsible on the financial, marketing and sales aspects of the projects. He is well familiar with the sports events sponsoring and advertising. Yves brings enthusiasm, expertise and proven capability to execute projects successfully.